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How Britney Spears spends her $60 million fortune

The 'Toxic' singer earned a huge amount of money. She worked super hard to make (more than) ends meet. However, Britney spends an amount which matches her incomes. Want to know how much and where the pop princess spends her money in? Watch the video below!

  • Britney Spears has a net worth of $59 million.
  • All her financial estate is public because of the conservatorship she is in since 2008.
  • The court of Los Angeles receives where and how much she spends every single day. 
  • Sam Asghari's girlfriend spends her money on cars, hair and charity.

Forbes named Britney Spears the 10th highest-paid woman in music in 2018 after earning $30 million. Obviously, the pop star (still) makes a huge amount of money even after her work hiatus: she makes money from her previous years of work. The 'Matches' singer decided to stop working on January 2019 because of her father's illness.

Britney Spears performing. Source: Lazy girls

However, once Jamie was O.K., things between them changed, and now they don't even speak to each other anymore. Old Spears is in charge of her conservatorship established in 2008, and her finances and estate are public because of that. 

Britney Spears' home. Source: Today

Britney earns a lot of money, but, of course, she also spends a considerable amount. Her living expenses in 2018 reached $400.000. It included everyday expenses for $66.000, millions on Target, 7-Eleven, Walmart and Amazon. The pop princess needed $70.000 for trips to Turks and Caicos, Miami and Hawaii beaches. 

Britney enjoying the beach. Source: TMZ

Being Britney is not something easy. Just look at her. She pays a fortune to look as amazing as she does. The singer spent $24,392 on hair and make-up, $69,668 on clothes, and $122,613 on massages and manicures. Yes, yes, I know, it's a lot. But, hey! It's Britney we are talking about here! She needs brand-new clothes to appear on her Instagram videos, and surely she needs to get massages often because of her agitated life-style. 

Britney and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, in the Mercedes-Benz. Source: US Magazine

Cars are expensive. True. But they are extremely expensive when you are a star and want to live like one. Britney bought a Mercedes-Benz SL65 Roadster and a 1956 Porsche 356A Speedster for her and her boyfriend Sam Asghari. They need to move around! 

Britney Spears at the Nevada Cancer Charity Foundation. Source: Getty Images

The 'Matches' singer helps many in charity programs. The star once donated $10,000  to the Vegas Cares Memorial Fund. The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation was lucky enough to receive her $1 million donation (they were so grateful they named Britney Spears Campus in 2017). The mother of two has already mentioned she was planning on helping the people in need because of the Coronavirus pandemic. We will learn about the last one in a very short while for sure! 

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