Has Tekashi 6ix9ine found his enemy?

According to 6ix9ine's fans, he is the King (they call him that), however, after his last conviction, sales were not as they have predicted. Hence, many specialists assume it is the beginning of the falling King. Keep reading to know more about it!

  • Tekashi 6ix9ine reached stardom in 2018, and he had lots of hits in just two years: 'Tutu', ' Gooba' and 'Trollz'.
  • Big Sean's born name is Sean Anderson and experts claim he is the new rap King, leaving rainbow rapper aside.
  • Singers' sales are recognized according to amounts and also in charts and lists from very well known companies such as Billboard and Rolling Stone. However, Tekashi does not trust them.
Tekashi and two of his body guards. Source: Getty Images

Controversial Tekashi has been to jail on more than one occasion due to several reasons. His fans didn't seem to care about this situation. On the contrary, one would even think one of the reasons why they love the rapper so much is actually because of that: they seem to love the fact of him being an ex-convict. The very last time he went to jail was in 2019, and he got an earlier release based on his severe asthma condition and the world's health situation.

6ix9ine in court. Source: Getty Images

Upon his release, 'Tutu' singer thought of releasing a new album. Of course, he did so, 'TattleTales' was supposed to reach the summit. Well, it didn't. That may be the reason: 'the King didn't reach the very top' and obviously, he can't deal with it. We should remember the rapper has been against of any kind of chart or ranking because, in his opinion, they were manipulated by those who create them. Hence, he was not going to be part of the system.

Big Sean. Source: Getty Images

Here is where Big Sean comes in. Both rappers have many things in common: both are platinum award winners and both have been convicted (clearly Tekashi outnumbers Sean's number). Although 'Gooba' fans hate the idea, 'I decided' singer seems to be the new hip hop King according to the numbers and also according to experts prediction. 6ix9ine has been away from all kind of media, and maybe the reason is that he is looking for a way to come back reloaded, in a way no other rapper, maybe not even any singer could dispute him. I'm sure great Tekashi is planning something huge for his expected return. Don't forget to post your comments below!

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