Harry Styles will sing for the first time at Glastonbury 2022 Harry Styles will sing for the first time at Glastonbury 2022

Harry Styles will sing for the first time at Glastonbury 2022

This year he will have his great opportunity within the important festival

Harry Styles has shown that he can be successful as a solo artist despite having been part of a band as recognized worldwide as One Direction, it seems that after his break as a band in 2015 it would be impossible for him to match what he obtained when they were at the peak of success.

 The 27-year-old singer is beginning to be considered by the most important music festivals around the world, since a few days ago he was confirmed as headliner on April 15 and 22 for the Coachella festival to be held in California. His name has been highlighted due to the presentation of his next world tour 'Love on Tour 2022' where he will visit several countries.

Harry Styles | @revistagq

It will be presented for the first time at the important music festival

Styles would be appearing for the first time at the Glastonbury festival that takes place in England. The singer would be considered to participate in the most recognized festivals worldwide since his popularity has been growing in addition to providing a live show worthy of great artists.

According to various sources, the exformer One Direction member had already been considered for such a festival in previous years, but the filmmakers did not believe that he was ready to perform on the Pyramid Stage, which will finally come true this year because Styles has not only matured as a person but also in terms of the quality of their shows.

Pyramid Stage 'Glastonbury' | @Somersetlive

Harry Styles is at the peak of popularity that has catapulted him to stardom since his time in the boyband but now as a solo artist. We shouldn't be surprised to see him as the headliner of important festivals because the man has worked hard to achieve it.

It is no coincidence because everything has been thanks to the result of being persevering and worrying about leaving everything on stage.

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