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Harry Styles wears a bathrobe (and nothing else) to a wedding!

When it comes to shocking the public- either with news about a new flame or about posing for the cover of Vogue in a skirt- Harry Styles wears the crown. On his friend and manager Jeff Azoff's wedding on the first weekend of 2021, Harry was spotted with the bride and groom wearing just a robe. See the pictures below!

  • Harry Styles is a 26-year-old English singer, actor, and songwriter.
  • He attended Jeff Azoff's wedding in California this weekend.
  • Pictures of him in a robe holding a drink in one hand and a book in another went viral.
  • People think he might have been the officiant!
Harry with the happy couple. Source: Backgrid

Can you imagine officiating a wedding in just a white robe and slippers? For Harry, it's a reality! During the first weekend of January, the singer attended the wedding of his manager Jeff Azoff in San Ysidro Ranch located in Montecito California. This memorable event made him the talk of the day in two ways, one being publically holding hands with actress Olivia Wilde during the wedding, and another being spotted completely bare except for the hotel bathrobe covering him. He sure is a sight for sore eyes!

The handsome officiant!

Nobody really is sure why the former One Direction member was seen wearing nothing but the hotel robe and his birthday suit, but we're not complaining! Harry can look good in even a paper bag. More pictures of him walking around the venue in a robe, comfy hotel slippers holding a drink in one hand are released and fans don't know how to collect themselves. Honestly? Me neither!

Although stunned at his beauty, fans weren't too happy seeing his bare face in the pictures. Despite the wedding party claiming to follow COVID-19 guidelines, neither the star nor the couple was seen wearing a mask during these pictures. Not only is it dangerous since America has one of the highest rates of COVID-19 growth, but is also highly irresponsible on Harry's part since he influences millions.

A fan tweeted

 'I just think Harry Styles in a white robe is so attractive'

I definitely agree! Harry Styles in anything is attractive if you ask me... What do you think? Would you let a robe-donned Harry Styles officiate your wedding or do you think he'd look better in a suit? Read about the reaction his and Olivia's pictures received here!

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