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Harry Styles release another fruit related song, what is 'Grapejuice' about?

Harry Styles is back with his 3rd studio album "Harry's House". The singer loves to use fruits for the names of his songs. Let's check a little bit of his new music.

Nowadays, Harry Styles is one of the most popular pop singers in the global industry. At the end of 2019 he dropped his album "Fine Line". Immediately it got tons of praise from the public and the critics.

It gave us awesome hits like "Adore You", "Golden" and of course the Grammy winner song "Watermelon Sugar". All these tracks were in the playlist of every one during the pandemic.

Harry Styles for 'Watermelon Sugar' / By @harrymoonchild

One month ago Styles released "As It Was" and he confirmed how massive his popularity is. It topped the Billboard 200 chart. Almost three years since his 2nd album, finally the British artist is revealing a new one.

Harry Styles makes the internet crazy with "Harry's House"

On May 20 the 3th album of Harry Styles was released. The singer already has shared his inspirations for "Harry's House". Apparently this is his most personal project and he revealed that he is really satisfied with the result.

Harry Styles performing / By@oliviassm

We can enjoy "As It Was" and 12 more songs. A specific track caught the attention of the fans because of its name. We are talking about "Grapejuice" it is a song that use this metaphor to talk about a special moment when we share a botle wine with someone we love.

This track feels like a personal Styles' narration. It stars with the singer whispering 1,2,3!. For the verses his voice is using a distorsion that makes the chorous be a fresh air breaze. It's is an addictived melody.

For the previous projects of the artist we also listen to some tracks related to fruits. In 2017 it released the playful song "Kiwi". Meanwhile, "Fine Line" includes "Cherry", a beautiful breakup song and "Watermelon Sugar", another bold reference.

What is your favorite fruit related song by Harry Styles?

While we are waiting, check here what the singer said about his mindset to overcome stage nervousness.

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