Harry Styles for 'As it was' Harry Styles for 'As it was'

Harry Styles opens about going back to perform in front of a crowd

Harry Styles went back to the scenarios with his tour "Love in Tour". This was the experience of the singer in front of an audience after the lockdown.  

In December 2019 Harry Styles dropped his album "Fine Line". Many singles of this project were a big success. The hit "Watermelon Sugar" topped the Billboard charts. A few months later it will give the first Grammy trophy for the singer.

At the beginning of 2020 Styles was getting ready to go on tour for various European cities. However all the plans for it were canceled because of the pandemic.

More than a  year later the artist finally returned with some concerts in the United States. The singer of "Adore You" how nerve wracking it was to go back on the scenarios for "Love on Tour".

Harry Styles for 'Love On Tour' / By @Harry_Styles

Harry Styles just try to have fun on stage for his concerts after the pandemic

On May 16 it was revealed a new interview Zane Lowe with Harry Styles. The singer will release his album "Harry's House" in the next few years. For this talk, Styles shared how lived the lockdown during the pandemic.

Harry Styles and Zane Lowe / By @harrymediapy

Eventually he was asked about the moment that he return with the concerts for "Love On Tour". The artist revealed that he was really nervous back then. Performing is his favorite thing to do in the world and he described the moment as 'unbelievably touching'. He explained:

The first weekend I was nervous and someone said to me:

"Just have fun. That's the only thing we care about."

When you have people that are around you that think like that, it's really really liberating.

Styles described his attitude on stage as similar to the comedian's behavior. He mentioned Jim Carrey as someone who tries to do that, just have fun. He added:

The first thing they make you feel is:

'You don’t have to worry about me, I'm not asking, I'm just doing it.

I’m having the best time ever.

Harry's mindset could be really helpful. We can take this phrase as an advice for watter nerve wracking activity we have to do. What do you think about it?

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