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Harry Styles' near-death experience on Valentine's Day!

How do you spend your Valentine's Day? Hopefully not like Harry Styles! On February 14th 2020, the singer was badly attacked and mugged when strolling home from a friend's house. Unfortunately, even a year later, the singer still hasn't been able to put the culprits behind bars. Read the details of how he escaped below!

  • Harry Styles is a former member of the band 'One Direction'.
  • The English singer was born in Redditch, United Kingdom.
  • On March 2nd 2020, he attended 'The Howard Stern Show'.
  • He was held at knife point and discussed this incident during his appearance on the show.

Imagine being mugged only 5 minutes away from your humble abode, so close yet so far. This nightmare turned into Harry Styles' reality on the night of 2020 Valentine's Day. The singer joked during his appearance on 'The Howard Stern Show' that this was his punishment for being single on the day of love. I'm glad he can laugh it off now, but I'm sure being held at knife point must've been absolutely terrifying!

The mugging

Harry Styles amidst his fans. Source: Rex

On his walk home from his friend's house, he took notice of a mysterious group of men who later turned out to be his attackers. They first asked him if he had any weed and if he wants any, both of which Harry replied no to. After surrounding him, so he couldn't escape, the muggers asked him what he had on him and took his cash from him. Although I'm sure the 'Sign Of The Times' singer didn't care about getting money taken from him, what his attackers said next made him clam up.

Spotting the headphone jack coming out from his pocket, the men asked for his phone and also demanded that he unlock it. Styles was doubtful whether they knew of his identity as a singer but still couldn't unlock his phone for them, even after one of them lifted his shirt up to show a knife hidden under it.

Harry Styles at 'The Howard Stern Show'. Source: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

God showed his mercy on him, and he spotted two cars coming up the otherwise empty street. He made a run for it, but both cars refused to let him in. 

'Obviously, a mad man runs into the road, you won't let them into your car, so they don't let me in.'

Luckily, that moment gave him enough adrenaline to sprint to the 'village-area' near his residence, and he was fortunate that the group decided to let him go and not pursue him further. Who knows what they would've done to Harry if they got their hands on him?

I hope he always keeps a bodyguard with him for protection- he clearly needs it! I don't even want to imagine what they could've done with full access to his phone... If I had it, I'd probably call Taylor Swift! What about you? Read about his and Taylor's songs for each other here, and let us know what your plans were for 2021 Valentine's day in the comments below!

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