Harry Styles tried to contact Rosalía and this is what happened Harry Styles tried to contact Rosalía and this is what happened

Harry Styles mistook Rosalía's phone number and got epically rejected

Did you ever imagine that Harry Styles could be rejected by someone? Well, this happened when he tried to contact Rosalía

A lot of fans would love to receive a text message from Harry Styles even if it was by mistake but this was not the reaction of this person who Harry believed was Rosalía.

Harry Styles is one of the most popular singers of the moment, this artist shone for the first time with One Direction, a popular boy band that became a phenomenon. But, after the hiatus of the group, Harry dedicated himself to working as a soloist and also as an actor.

On the other hand, Rosalía is a Spanish singer of the urban genre, she has become very popular thanks to her collaborations with Latin artists and others. Her music adds a special flavor to the lives of many fans and surely many more stars would like to work with her.

So it wouldn't be a surprise that Harry and Rosalía met, what would a collaboration of both artists be like? Surely it would be a great phenomenon in international music and something new for those who admire both artists. Was it going to happen?

Well, maybe a collaboration could have started with a text message, but it happened that Harry Styles texted the wrong person who epically rejected him and that's how he thought he contacted Rosalía.

Rosalía reveals the story about Harry Styles trying to contact her by text, but he just got rejected

Rosalía confessed on Jimmy Fallon's show that she used to change her phone number very often, because she got tired of receiving messages and didn't want to answer them. So sometimes this caused problems with her friends wanting to contact her since she no longer had the same phone number.

And this was what happened to Harry Styles who thought he had messaged the singer without knowing that she had changed her phone number once again, and the worst part was that he was epically rejected.

Harry Styles mistook Rosalía's phone number | Twitter: @internet_userr

Later, Harry decided to message Rosalía on Instagram to tell her that her text messages were confusing, and that's when she realized her fellow singer had the wrong number.

Rosalía and Jimmy Fallon believe that the person who rejected Harry Styles must be very ashamed

LOL, now that person who wrote to Harry must be very embarrassed for rejecting this singer.The singer and the host of the program laughed out loud thinking about that situation that triggered the text messages from Harry Styles that he had sent to Rosalía without knowing that she had changed her phone number

This is an anecdote that will go down in history as one of the funniest in the world of music, definitely something that many will laugh at when they hear it.

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