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What happens if Britney Spears loses in the LA court again?

After many hearings, and millions spent on lawyers, the pop singer will try one more time to win on the court against her conservatorship that has been going on for over a decade. After the resignation of Britney's former manager Lou Taylor, Jamie Spears (her dad)  hired a new one without telling the singer who he is or how much will she be paying him. Because, after all, it's her money. Read more below to know what will happen next. 

  • Samuel Ingham is Britney's court attorney since 2008, when the conservatorship began.
  • Reportedly, he charges the singer almost $100.000 per month!
  • He requested that a private company called The Bessemer Trust handles the diva's finances. 


The conservatorship has been working since 2008. Source: Getty

The 38-year-old has a net worth of almost $60 million and doesn't have authorization to spend money even in groceries! Allegedly she pays her dad up to $120.000 dollars per year + expenses for his role in the conservatorship

What's the lawyer doing?

James and Britney in happier times. Source: Getty

Ingham presented new files to the court asking for a neutral company to manage her finances and for the diva to be more independent concerning her spending. After all, after the name and the skills she has, Britney can earn millions for a single Instagram post, by singing acoustic sessions from her home or even selling memorabilia. 

What happens next?

Fans are worried about the mental state of the singer

On November 10th there was a new hearing where Britney's request was declined. Her legal team included sister Jamie Lynn and her mom Lynne. On December 16th, 2020 her mom and sister were present in the remote hearing, and nothing relevant happened (Jodi was still the conservator). On February 2021, the judge ruled against Britney's petition of revoking her father.  Today, on June 23rd, 2021, Britney will ask personally one more time for the conservatorship to be revoked. 

What happens if she loses?

Britney is worried about her future. Source: Getty

Britney will be still under the control of her dad James and won't be able to move freely and do whatever she likes. After having worked so hard, it's the least she deserves! In the meantime, fans will continue to promote her independence with the hashtag #FreeBritney. 

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