First Demi and now Rihanna, everybody wants to be like Miley Cyrus!

The always innovative Miley Cyrus has proven once again that her name is synonymous with trend. During quarantine, the 27-year-old singer decided to cut her blonde hair and revive the iconic mullet haircut, and apparently everyone wants to follow in Smiley's footsteps. Keep reading to know more.  

  • The American singer born under the name Destiny Hope Cyrus, has always been on everyone's lips. 
  • Either for being a sweet teenager singing around in a blonde wig and leading a double life like Hannah Montana, or for walking almost in her birthday suit on the sets of music award ceremonies.
  •  Anyway, it is undeniable that the singer of "Prisoner" is a trendsetter.
Miley Cyrus

 Every Halloween thousands of people around the world dress up as Miley Cyrus, either evoking her controversial performance at the 2013 VMAs, alongside Robin Thicke or her latest look from the single “Midnight Sky”.

Miley Cyrus inspired costumes.

A few days ago we had breakfast with a radical change of look from the singer Demi Lovato.

Looking straight at the artist we can't help but remember the Bangerz era of our beloved Miley.

Now a few days ago we came across the always beautiful Rihanna and oh surprise she's wearing a mullet! OMG! In defense of the “Rude Boy” singer this isn't the first time she's sported this rocker haircut.

Rihanna spotted with a mullet.

I announced to you in one of my previous articles that the mullet would be back as a trendy haircut this fall and it's already happening.

I myself am, scissors in hand, see you on the rock side!

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