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Find out why Miley Cyrus lives her life on the edge

Miley Cyrus is one of the most successful singers in the industry and also one of the most controversial. At 28, the artist has managed to make her name synonymous with talent and also reinvention. Read on to find out why Miley lives so fast.

  • It is said that it is better to live 10 years at 1,000 miles per hour than 1,000 years at 10 miles per hour. 
  • This is embraced by those who for some reason or another live their lives as if each day was the last.
  •  Don't you get the impression that Miley Cyrus has that way of living her life? 
Miley Cyrus performing in 2019.

This may be due to the fact that at birth, the “Midnight Sky” singer was diagnosed with a heart condition called tachycardia.

Actually this does not entail any serious risk, but it does make her heart beat faster than normal. At more than 100 beats per minute.

 Even Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, her parents, decided to name her Destiny Hope at birth.

That was what they felt when they saw their baby, hope in fate.

In 2008 the young woman decided to legally change her name to simply Miley, which is actually a diminutive of her nickname Smiley, because she was always smiling.

Miley Cyrus and her parents at her wedding with Liam Hemsworth in 2018.

This way of dealing with a condition is actually very common.

The individual is afraid that their illness will suddenly worsen and that is why they feel that they don't have much time.

That is why they decide to live all the experiences they can so as not to feel that they're not wasting the time left.

There is a book by the Brazilian writer Paulo Cohelo that describes exactly this feeling.

“VeroniKa Decides to Die” tells how a depressed girl decides to take her life and after failing in the attempt she is admitted to a psychiatric clinic to try to get those self-destructive ideas out of her head.

A clever doctor decides to launch a new unorthodox treatment. He tells Veronika that as a result of her suicide attempt, her heart has become very weak and that they don't know how long she'll live but that her heart will surely not endure long.

There is a movie based on Paulo Cohelo's book starred by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

This makes the girl, faced with the threat that everything would end soon, begin to see life differently and begin to appreciate the little time she has left on earth.

She even escapes from the clinic with a new love to be able to enjoy each sunrise as if it were the last and to be able to explore everything she can of life and the world before leaving it.

Veronika never knew that it was all a lie but just thinking that she had little time left made her forget all her fears and prejudices and really start living.

It is possible that Smiley feels that her condition makes her fragile and that is why she unconsciously lives an intrinsic life so as not to waste any moment.

2013 was Miley's wildest era.

The artist herself even referred to her tachycardia in her book “Miles To Go”, which she published at the age of 16.

She also referred to her condition in an interview with MTV News where she acknowledged that she feels concern for her heart every time she goes on stage to sing.

Whatever the reason, Miley Cyrus is an incredible artist who has dealt with fame from a young age and has found her own place in music beyond the character of Hannah Montana that brought her to fame in 2006.

Miley Cyrus with her book "Miles To Go".

Currently, The 28-year-old artist is the number one rock star of our country with her album Plastic Hearts.

She was even chosen to kick off Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve to receive 2021 in the most watched end of the year show on American TV.

Here we leave you the video of her performance on the night of December 31st, 2020.

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