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Fans slam Jennifer Lopez for her cellulitis

Internet users are more effective than private detectives! Looking through her holiday pictures in Turks and Caicos, they found cellulitis. If any of them gets by the age of 51 with a body as marvelous as JLo's, please hit us up. They are outrage and Photoshop theories started flooding the Internet. The diva's answer, the photos and conclusion, below.

  • A-Rod's fiancée has always trained really hard to keep herself fit.
  • The Hollywood diva is very well known for her toned body.
  • JLo was caught unwarned and the truth was finally revealed.
JLo paddleboarding in Turks and Caicos. Source: People

Jennifer Lopez has marvelous skin. True! There is nobody in the whole world who can deny that. The diva has publicly said how she takes care of her face skin. Her secret is olive oil. 

JLo paddleboarding. Source: Daily Mail UK

However, when it comes to her body, things are a bit different. There seems to be no olive oil capable of diminishing the cellulitis from her back. 

Jennifer Lopez on holidays. Source: Daily Mail UK

During the first days of 2021, the mother of two posted a photo of herself wearing a bikini in which she had plenty of sand covering her whole back. She looked amazing! Nobody spoke a word about it. 

Jennifer Lopez in the shore. Source: Daily Mail UK

Now, a few days later, we totally understand the need for all that sand right there. JLo needed to cover cellulitis!

When there is an arranged photo like in the first one, all that is not supposed to be there can be neatly covered. When paparazzi just get you, there is no time to cover yourself up and the truth is finally revealed. Even Jennifer Lopez has fat excess in her back! 

JLo getting into the water. Source: Daily Mail UK

The diva is focusing on her live performance for Joseph Biden's inauguration day as the President of the United States, and she decided to block comments and ignore her social networks until then. Always remember. Even if you see them looking incredibly well all the time, celebrities are real people. They also have cellulitis, and they can be caught in a photo, not at the best angle let's say. Now, leaving everything aside, Jenny is 51! 51! She has a bit of extra grease, true, but she looks incredibly well even with them! We love you Jen! You look amazing!  Scroll the pictures to see one without cellulitis and one with! Don't forget to post your comments below!

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