Harry Styles with alleged girlfriend, Olivia Wilde

Fans fury over Harry Styles' shocking behavior

Despite almost 2 million COVID-19 reported deaths in the world as of this day, the singer still hasn't made wearing a mask a habit.  Lately, Harry Styles have been in fans' bad books for his refusal to follow safety guidelines. See the proof of his ignorance below!

  • COVID-19 is a deadly virus which doesn't have a vaccine yet.
  • It has affected over 90.8 million people worldwide!
  • Harry Styles is an English singer, songwriter, and actor.
  • He wore a bandana instead of a mask on January 3rd 2021.
Harry Styles refusing to wear a mask. Source: Backgrid

Forgetting to follow precautions once can be understood, but twice is pushing it. Harry Styles has been under fire after fans decided to trend '#harrywearamask' on Twitter to get the singer's attention. Not only once, but the star has been photographed violating COVID-19 precautions twice in 2021.

When did it happen?

The wedding party not following precautions. Source: Backgrid

The first incident is when he attended manager and close friend Jeff Azoff's wedding in San Ysidro Ranch, located in Montecito, California. He was seen officiating the wedding in just a bathrobe, hotel slippers, and no mask! Fans also pointed out that neither the bride, nor the groom were donning any masks, but since Harry's an international superstar, they were more disappointed with his choices.

Harry Styles using a bandana instead of a proper mask. Source: Backgrid

At a later time, the same mistake repeated itself when the 'Treat People With Kindness' singer was seen without a mask again! Harry Styles was photographed hanging out with his friends and alleged girlfriend in the streets of California. Although Olivia was wearing a mask, Harry couldn't be bothered and instead decided to tie his bandana around his face. C'mon Styles, you can do better. Why not just wear a mask?

Why fans expected better

It's incredibly disappointing especially since he decided to postpone his concerts due to the pandemic less than a month ago, on December 15th 2020. The irony is that Harry made merch promoting people to follow safety guidelines when he's not doing so himself. Hypocrisy? I'll let you decide. Let us know what you think of his actions in the comments below!

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