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Everything you need to know about Post Malone ex-girlfriends

The bad boy rapper tattooed from head to toe is super sweet when it comes to his love life. The tough guy has revealed his true and inner self three times. Want to know how his ex-girlfriends have inspired him? Scroll down and don't miss a detail about it! 

  • 25-year-old Post Malone dated Ashlen Diaz since 2015 until 2018.
  • The rapper was lovely involved with Asian MLMA in 2019.
  • Posty has always been very secretive about his love life.

Ashlen Diaz

Diaz and Post Malone. Source: Daily Mail UK

 When reaching stardom Posty started dating the music promoter. We found out that the Syracuse tough guy was super sweet in the inside. As weird as it may sound, on December 19th, on Diaz' birthday he posted a lovely message for her

'Happy Texas time birthday to the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me Ashlen Nicole Diaz'. 

He also posted on many occasions while dating 'I love you'. However public those messages were, Malone's ex-girlfriend told Daily Mail in 2018 they were taking breaks all the time. Most couples take breaks and some time off at some point. The problem is that Ashlen explained those episodes were too often. Their last separation was the definite one in 2018. They decided to take separate paths. If we have to thank someone, it should be to Ashlen. Thanks to her Post wrote his hit 'Déjà vu' in 2016. According to our source, the rapper was inspired in his love to write such a lovely song.  

MLMA (MeLoveMeAlot)

MLMA and Post Malone. Source: Wonderwall

 The rapper was all the time surrounded by celebrities at that time. He was so famous that well-known girls are all over the place for him. We have to add that the rapper is really into K-Pop and into Asian culture. On August 2020, MLMA posted a photo with Posty. What called everyone's attention was what the K-Pop sensation wrote: 'the cutest face'. That was the only time the two stars appeared together.

Mystery girl

Post Malone and mystery girl. Source: Daily Mail

 Recently, Post Malone was spotted with an Asian woman whose identity is still wanted! The 'Circles' singer's fans are crazy about learning who the girl who went with him to the shopping mall holding hands and laughing with the rapper. If the relationship continues and the lovebirds decide to share their love with the world, we will finally learn who the lucky woman is! Let's also hope his happiness continues, so he can write many more songs using love as his banner! 

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