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Everything you need to know about Blackpink’s singer Rose!

The 23-year-old beautiful star is a Korean- New Zealand singer. She is the main vocalist of the Girlgroup, Blackpink. The gorgeous musician is famous for her amazing dancing skills and unique voice. She is multilingual and can fluently speak English, Japanese and Korean. Want to know more about her hidden talents? Read below to find out!

  • The 5ft6 tall musician is extremely slim and weighs around 99 lbs. She has a very petite figure and her stylist said that her slim waist is only 24 inches wide. 
  • The second youngest member of the group has collaborated with the South Korean singer, G-Dragon, for his song ‘Without You’. 
  • The superstar was the first member of the group to reach one million likes on Instagram.

The South Korean singer moved to Korea only a few years ago in 2012. She was born and raised in Australia. Despite the ethnic and cultural difference, the talented star has effortlessly blended into her new surroundings.

Rose in Australia

She is quite comfortable with all the Koreans and after gaining so much fame and success, the musician cannot even think of going back to her home country. 

Rose playing guitar

Roseanne Park has many hidden talents. Not just a singer, but she is also an excellent guitarist and a pianist. She has played several musical instruments during her on stage performances at Blackpink’s concerts.

The hard working star likes to keep herself busy by always learning something new, or else she becomes very lazy. It's a lesson for her fans too that they should  keep looking for different skills that one has the capacity to learn. Their continuous practice and  untiring efforts will surely help them reach perfection. 

The other 3 Blinks, Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa are also very popular for their personified perfection. However, fans have chosen Rose as the most attractive one amongst the four. They  love her beautiful pictures and try to follow all her fashion styles. 

The band’s audience is most interested in Park’s personal life as she has the ability to melt people’s hearts. She has never been intimately involved with anyone before but there’s no doubt in the fact that a lot of men have been crushing over her for a very long time.

Who is Rose waiting for? Does she already have a special someone in her life who she hasn't shared with her fans? We're dying to know about her love life. Are you?  

Watch below the emotional music journey of Rose!

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