Kai from Exo becomes Bobbi Brown's firts male muse Kai from Exo becomes Bobbi Brown's firts male muse

Estee Lauder hires K-pop singer Kai from Exo as a model

The cosmetic brand Bobbi Brown owned by French multi-million Estee Lauder has decided to hire a male figure. The chosen one was Kai, one of the vocalists of the K-Pop band Exo. The news was shared on Instagram but the post was deleted afterwards. Find out why below! 

  • Kim Jong In AKA Kai is a South Korean singer and dancer member of the K-Pop band EXO.
  • Kai is 26 years old and 6ft tall.
  • The K-Pop singer has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

The great news was shared a few days ago on Instagram by the editor-in-chief of First Look magazine, Kim Yoon Hee.

A screenshot from the otiginal post

In the post, we could see a pic of her and the singer holding a cake with the words Bobbi Brown x Kai and congratulations to the artist for his achievement of becoming the brand's first male muse.

EXO's vocalist is no stranger to the world of fashion. In fact, he is the first Korean man to be a global ambassador for the Gucci super brand.

The strange thing about all this is that, while the fans blew up the social media with messages of congrats, the post was deleted!

Why? Did Bobbi Brown back-down? I don't think so, it was probably too soon to break the news.

Maybe the brand wanted the exclusive of the ad. As always celebrities and their oops in the networks.

Anyway, we are very happy with the news, and we hope to see this teen idol soon in the big posters of the brand.

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