Dua Lipa reveals collaboration with Miley Cyrus!

25-year-old British singer Dua Lipa has just revealed in an interview that she worked with American singer Miley Cyrus on a project for her upcoming virtual live concert. In addition to telling all the details about the live streaming, she had very nice words for our Miley, keep reading to find out more.  

  • Dua Lipa is a 25-year-old English singer and model.
  • The artist became famous in 2015 when she signed with Warner Records to release her first album named after her in 2017.
  • This year she released her second full-length album entitled “Future Nostalgia” which ranked number one in Britain.
Dua Lipa's live concert promotional poster.

On the occasion of the promotion of her remote live concert, Studio 2054, to be held on November 27, Dua Lipa gave an interview for Radio.com and revealed several details about it.

 In addition to promising a unique audiovisual event, it will have the presence and collaboration of several artists of great size from the international scene.

Dua Lipa on Miley Cyrus.

Two things caught our attention: the first is that the artist named the singer Miley Cyrus as the most friendly and fun person she has ever worked with.

Of course, Smiley is a blast. The second is the date the broadcast will be live.

Does November 27 sound familiar? Yes, it's Plastic Hearts release day, Cyrus' seventh studio album.

Then everything fits, Miley will appear in Studio 2054, that is the title of the live stream, the same day her album is released.

Could it be that they made a song together and it appears on Plastic Hearts? Wow, that would be great.

Perhaps the 27-year-old singer will show up to perform live “Midnight Sky” which by the way fits the thematic album of Dua Lipa's concert very well.

In any case, we will all be more than alert to see first-hand this long-awaited collaboration.

You can buy your tickets for Studio 2054 here.

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