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Dolly Parton requests her statue to be removed and becomes the new American hero

Dolly Parton deserves a statue just for writing a letter to reject the idea of having one. A statue of the country music legend may be erected in Parton’s hometown Nashville. State Representative John Mark Windle proposed the monument to recognize the enormous icon’s contributions to the state. Read on as we reveal how the proposal is getting massive traction on social media!

  • Dolly Parton raised $9 million for Tennessee wildfire relief during the crisis in 2016.
  • She continues with her support, donating $1,000 a month to families that ended up homeless due to Tennessee fires in 2020
  • The generous singer also donated $1 million that helped to fund Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine research.
  • In June 2020, an online petition was issued proposing that a statue of Parton, 74, replace those dedicated to confederate officers.

Dolly is a hero. Humble, helpful and talented. For this letter, she is even more loved by the fans who stormed on Twitter to make her a trend for her incredible actions and started having fun with the situation:

Artists like Mickey Guyton supported Dolly and praised her actions:

"Dolly is just everything good in this world. She is national treasure."

Others proposed Dolly to be the new face of a dollar bill while several fans argued about having not only one but hundreds of statues with her face.

On Tuesday, January 13th, 2021 Tennessee Representative John Mark Windle, a Democrat politician, introduced a Bill for the creation of a statue in Nashville in honor of the country superstar and to recognize her lifelong immense contribution to the arts and philanthropy.

Dolly Parton statue near Dollywood in Tennessee

More than 25,000 people signed a online petition to replace one of the several statues of Confederate officers and immortalizing Parton who is an authentic Tennessee hero. The petition reads:

"Tennessee is littered with statues memorializing Confederate officers. History should not be forgotten, but we need not glamorize those who do not deserve our praise. Instead, let us honor a true Tennessee hero, Dolly Parton."

The construction and installation of the statue would be financed by donations, gifts, grants, and other non-state sources, and organized by the Dolly Parton Fund, a separate account within the state's general fund.

Dolly Parton at the 61st Annual Grammys in 2019.

If the proposal is accepted, the statue would be located on the Capitol grounds, facing in the direction of Ryman Auditorium, the previous home of the Grand Ole Opry and the site of numerous Parton live performances in Nashville.

Dolly Parton - Source: Twitter.

Dolly Parton’s philanthropy is the reason behind the recognition. The petition mentioned her beautiful music and Parton's Dollywood Foundation that has provided books and scholarships to many children in America.

Dolly Parton appearing on the cover of Marie Claire magazine

The "9 to 5" singer also donated millions of dollars to many organizations such as the Red Cross, the Tennesse wildfire relief, and COVID-19 research centers.

The petition urged decision-makers to replace the statues of men who sought to divide the country with a monument in honor of the woman who has worked her entire life and career to bring Americans closer together.

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