Dolly Parton reveals the truth behind her beauty secrets!

The country music star loves looking incredibly glam. Her fans always wonder what’s her secret to staying gorgeous and incredibly young. Do you think she has an army of stylists behind her? Does she spend her millions on a nip & tuck? Keep reading as we reveal all the answers!

  • On May 30, 1966, Parton married Carl Dean at a church in Ringgold, Georgia. The only people to attend the wedding were the preacher, his wife, and the singer's mom, Avie Lee.
  • Did you know that the legendary country singer and her husband decided to renew their vows to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in 2016?
  • Dolly is the godmother of pop singer Miley Cyrus. She has been friends with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, since the 90s and has a strong bond with Miley.
  • Parton’s fortune has increased recently and it's well deserved. Her net worth in 2020 is estimated at $600 million. The generous singer recently donated $1 million to coronavirus vaccine research.

Dolly may look like the most beautiful country Barbie doll, but she is just a simple girl. In fact, she has a saying  “I may look fake but I'm real where it counts.”

Since she was a little girl she had an obsession to be beautiful and glamorous. The legendary singer confesses that she is not a natural beauty, so she just makes the most of what she has.

“Jolene” singer just likes to look pretty, and she also does her own make up. She wears it even at home, because she likes to look good for everybody, especially for her beloved husband. That’s the secret to her ever-lasting relationship!

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean everlasting love!

Of course, Dolly is the queen of glam and wears high heels in her house, but she is so honest that she discloses she’s only 5ft tall, and so she can't really reach the cabinets!

Dolly looks awesome in pink! 

The 74-year-old diva doesn’t deny that she had several surgeries to rejuvenate her looks. According to her plastic surgeon her generous bosom was created via breast augmentation and implants. She has also had face-lifts. It cost a lot of money to look like Dolly!

“If something is bagging, sagging or dragging, I'll tuck it, suck it or pluck it" that’s the star’s motto.

The country icon also admits to wearing wigs in public. At home, she likes to simply puff up her hair and look more natural. She is always busy, so wigs are very handy to give her that instantly recognizable star look.

We certainly agree that the “Steel Magnolias” star has never had a bad hair day in her life and is an inspiration to everyone with her positive vibes!

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