Doja Cat and her most iconic Say So's performances Doja Cat and her most iconic Say So's performances

Doja Cat's Say So performances were the most iconic ones and here's why

Say So will be an unforgettable Doja Cat song and not only because of their popularity, but also because of their performances

Doja Cat conquered the world with 'Say So' a song that went viral everywhere, but the most iconic thing about this track was their performances, what made them so special?

Doja Cat is one of the most listened to singers of the moment, her way of singing and rapping is simply unique. In addition to the fact that she works on the writing and composition of each of her tracks, this is what makes them even more special. This is how this rapper connects with her audience.

How did Doja Cat become so famous? Well, it's been years of work for Doja and if we go back in time we can talk about her most famous songs. Perhaps many fans remember 'So High' from the singer's beginnings, also 'Juicy' or 'Need To Know' more recently.

Doja Cat's creativity is widely reflected in each of her songs and for 'Say So' there was no exception, the best thing about this song is that it quickly went viral. This track even had its own trend on TikTok and no one could stop listening to it. His funky sound and catchy beat reached the whole world. Placing Doja as one of the most popular acts of the moment.

And even though 'Say So' was surely the most requested and acclaimed song, her performances were never boring and, on the contrary, each one was simply iconic, what was it that made each performance of Doja Cat special with this song?

Why were Doja Cat's Say So performances so iconic?

No one ever got tired of listening to 'Say So', but would it be right to have the same performance all the time? It seemed like this might sound boring for Doja Cat, so the artist gave a different concept to each performance with this song. We will never forget the most heavy metal version.

Or its futuristic and robotic version for the Grammy Awards, omg. 

Or this other burlesque performance that we've just loved since Doja Cat released it.


What was your favorite Say So performance? There are many more that we can mention, but these are some of the unforgettable favorite ones.

Doja Cat never ceases to amaze with her performances

Doja Cat loves to give a whole show to her audience and does not limit herself when it comes to having a performance, with many other songs she has left her personal stamp on television shows and awards. When she gets the chance, she just impresses with her great skills and takes the stage in a cool way.

Doja Cat is quite the artist and she shows it every time she writes her songs, records in the studio and takes to the stage, we love this singer so wholehearted!

Keep reading more about Doja Cat, do you know which song make her be so famous? There's one before 'Say So' that went viral. 

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