Doja Cat wants these tattoos Doja Cat wants these tattoos

Doja Cat would get these tattoos if she wasn't afraid to do so

Did you know that Doja Cat has no tattoos? The rapper is afraid to get tattooed, but she always talks about what she would get tattooed if she dared

Doja Cat's admiration for two female artists is so great that she would get a tattoo of them, if she wasn't afraid to do so, what designs would she place on her skin forever?

Doja Cat is one of the most popular and relevant artists of the moment. Her music has conquered millions of hearts all over the world and now she has many fans who support and love her all the time. Not only when she releases new songs, even on her Instagram lives, collaborations and so on.

There is much we can admire about Doja, she writes her own songs and then performs them with great passion and love for music. The stage is completely hers in each performance and the world cannot take its eyes off this talented singer.

Doja Cat fans know everything about her, there are many fun facts and more information that the fandom is responsible for sharing with the world. It's always interesting to learn more about this rapper away from her stage presence and great songs. For example, did you know that Doja Cat has no tattoos?

Doja Cat has actually said that she is afraid of getting tattooed, but at the same time she says that she would do some designs of the artists that inspire her the most, who are them?

Doja Cat would get a tattoo of Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé if she wasn't afraid to do so

Why doesn't Doja Cat have tattoos? The singer once confessed to MTV that she was afraid to do it. This is why she decided not to have any designs on her skin, although she has once joked about getting some tattoos. LOL, she said she would tattoo Nicki Minaj on one of her breasts and Beyoncé on her forehead, OMG. Doja's level of admiration for these artists is second to none.

Although these were just pranks, some fans edited a picture of Doja with Nicki's tattoo and told her to please do it, LOL.

This is how Doja Cat would look with her tattoo | Twitter: @erkancomlekcii

 This is the real tattoo that Doja Cat would get

Either way, Doja Cat revealed what the real tattoo would be if she wasn't afraid to do it. It's just a small dot behind the ear, so no one would notice. LOL, well, we may never see this artist with designs on her skin, which is fine if that's what she doesn't want.

We know that many Doja Cat fans have gotten tattoos inspired by the artist, would you get one of these? There are pretty cool designs with song titles or outfits of this amazing female rapper in her MVs.

Keep reading more about Doja Cat, here we tell you everything about a secret collaboration she had with Tyga back in 2014. 

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