Is Doja Cat working on a new album? Is Doja Cat working on a new album?

Doja Cat revealed what her next album will be like, she's excited to release it

What will Doja Cat's next album be like? We still can't get over 'Planet Her' but maybe she will have a new release soon

Doja Cat has not stopped working on her music and we will surely soon have new songs from this rapper who has already revealed what her next album will be like.

Doja Cat is an excellent female rapper who has worked hard on her songs since before she became famous and popular. Today she is one of the most popular and important singers in the international music industry. We can see it in the tops and most important charts all the time.

With her songs, Doja has completely conquered the public, there are many hits of this singer that we can enjoy. Among them is 'Need To Know', 'Freak' or 'Streets', for example. Doja Cat's tracks are even more important because she works on the writing, composition and production of her tracks.

Doja Cat's most recent album was 'Planet Her' with it she broke her own records and was a 'no skip CD' as all the songs were just wonderful for the fans. This album brought songs like 'Woman' and 'Kiss Me More' that have become viral on social networks and are among the most listened to on the radio.

But Doja Cat's next album will also be great. The singer has already revealed how her next CD will be focused, so we can't wait to hear it, do you have everything ready for the latest from Doja Cat?

Doja Cat's next album will be focused on rap, she's excited to release it

In her interview for Elle, Doja Cat said that her next album will be rap-oriented. He said that she still hasn't started writing it well because she was on tour and with all this she couldn't move forward. But now she is focused on doing it, her friends have worked on amazing beats that are inspiring her to write.

Doja Cat's next album will be amazing | Twitter: @TheKittensRoom

So Doja Cat's next album will have great gems like the previous ones and will be super focused on rap, she will surely inspire new generations of female rappers with her next release. We can't wait any longer for this.

Doja Cat's next album will usher in a new era for female rappers 

Right now we have amazing female rappers in the music industry. Besides Doja Cat there is Rico Nasty, Meghan Thee Stallion and more working on their songs and will have something new with Doja's new album. She is pleased with the female talent in rap that she already remembers that when she was young, there were not many women in this scene.

Rico Nasty and Doja Cat | Twitter: @dojacatpics

We're also so happy to have a lot of female rappers in the industry, we support and love them all, we enjoy their talents and songs. They're all simply amazing.

Keep reading more about Doja Cat, here we have some fun facts about her that you might have not known before as a Kitten.

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