Doja Cat makes a new cover Doja Cat makes a new cover

Doja Cat releases a Hole cover for a campaign with Taco Bell

Doja Cat records a cover for a new Taco Bell campaign, meet her here.

Doja Cat has shown us on multiple occasions to be a multifaceted artist capable of performing songs of various musical genres. We have heard her sing and show off with her incredible notes, melismas and vocal embellishments, but she has also proven to be a great rapper, capable of holding her breath and rhyming excellently.

This time Doja Cat, surprised her fans with a cover, but it was not just any song, it is one of the most iconic musical compositions of the band Hole, formerly led by Courtney Love.

Twitter @DojaCatPY / Doja Cat campaigns with Taco Bell

Doja Cat does a cover

It turns out that Doja Cat collaborated with Taco Bell for a commercial titled "The Granded Escape", which will premiere during the Super Bowl.

However, on February 10th a behind the scenes of the commercial was released and of course fans were sharing the wonderful cover that Doja Cat did the honor of performing.

In the behind the scenes images we can see that Doja is dressed as a clown and while she is in a car her makeup falls off and she is wearing a completely different outfit. We can also see her performing the song in a studio.

The singer said about her collaboration "It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Taco Bell, which made my role in this campaign even more fun. I enjoyed every moment, especially the ones where we broke all the rules and I hope to continue collaborating with the brand."

For the cover, no major modifications were made except for some parts of the lyrics that Coutrney Love herself modified.

If you haven't listened to the cover yet, here it is:

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