Doja Cat appeared on this Becky G music video Doja Cat appeared on this Becky G music video

Doja Cat had a cameo in this Becky G MV that you may never have noticed

Did you know that Doja Cat appears in one of Becky G's music videos? Here we tell you more about her cameo

Once upon a time, Doja Cat was part of one of Becky G's music videos and maybe you didn't get to see her then.

Doja Cat is one of the best singers of the moment, her talent as a writer, composer, rapper and more has given her many fans who do not stop enjoying each of her songs that quickly become hits. Of course, her path to popularity did not happen overnight.

From a very young age, Doja decided to dedicate herself to music, at first she uploaded her songs to SoundCloud with the dream of being noticed by the public and later by a record label. So it happened, she signed with RCA Records and soon recorded her first official and professional release.

On the other hand, we also know Becky G, a singer with Latin roots with a great presence and relevance in urban music and who has given her fans many amazing songs to dance to. Her career began in 2012 when her career was more attached to Pop.

And what do Doja Cat and Becky G have in common? Well, Doja appeared in one of Becky G's music videos, but maybe you didn't see her or didn't recognize her.

Doja Cat appeared in Becky G's Shower music video and you may have never noticed her cameo

In 2014, Becky G released her song 'Shower' and with it she also released a music video where we can see a fun-filled party unfold. Well, in this MV Doja Cat has a cameo, she is part of those girls who are at the party and maybe you never saw her.

Here we have a picture, if you couldn't catch Doja Cat on Becky's MV.

Becky G and Doja Cat on the Shower MV | Twitter: @dojaslvt

 Did you know this fun fact about Doja Cat and Becky G? So both were so young, perhaps it is not easy to recognize them.

Doja Cat and Becky G reunited at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards

Fans found photos of Becky and Doja together at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards and we can say that this award show brought them together after Doja Cat's cameo in Becky G's MV, LOL. This was so much fun.

Doja Cat and Becky G reunited in the BBMAs | Twitter: @ViralMaterials

Can you imagine a collaboration of Becky G and Doja Cat? It would surely be an explosive song, we hope that they join their talents and surprise everyone with it.

Keep reading more about Doja Cat, here  we have some of her songs that have appeared on our favorite series, which one of them do you like the most?

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