Doja Cat had the power to bring back Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza Doja Cat had the power to bring back Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza

Doja Cat brought Mexican Pizza back to Taco Bell with her hilarious jingle

Doja Cat loved Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell and she wrote a funny jingle in order to get back her favorite food

Another achievement is stacked on Doja Cat's life, the rapper made Taco Bell bring back the Mexican Pizza that she loved so much.

The world love absolutely everything about Doja Cat, a talented rapper, singer and songwriter who has the best songs for fans. She has been killing it in music industry thanks to her amazing way of working with music and pulling some of the favorite tracks of the public.

But there's a lot more to admire about Doja, she has a great personality, fans love that she always speaks up her mind it doesn't matter if she has a weird idea or opinion, she'll tell everyone as it is. She's someone just funny and smart and of course she's dedicated to her work all of the time.

Doja Cat is such a creative person and we can see it in her music, but also when she's just playing around or having fun with her fans. She will show her most original side in every aspect of her life. Some Kittens knew that Doja is a great fan of Taco Bells' Mexican Pizza.

Well, Doja Cat decided to write a hilarious jingle about Mexican Pizza so maybe Taco Bell would bring back her favorite food and it seems like it worked! Taco Bell will have this dish again and Doja can't be happier.

Doja Cat and her funny jingle made Taco Bell bring Mexican Pizza back to their menu

Doja Cat wrote a jingle for Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell, she loved it so much and was sad since the restaurant chain discontinued it. Doja's jingle had success and now the company will bring back that dish to its menu since the rapper missed it so much.

Taco Bell will bring back Mexican Pizza on May 19, and Doja Cat celebrated it on Twitter, it seems like she's really happy for bringing back this dish.

Doja Cat celebrated that Mexican Pizza is coming back | Twitter: @DojaCat

 Doja Cat also collaborated with Taco Bell on a big ad

Doja Cat appeared in Taco Bell's Super Bowl LVI ad, so maybe that was also part of the fast-food chain being convinced to bring the rapper's favorite dish back onto its menu. LOL.

Well, this is just the power Doja Cat holds, could any other singer bring back its favorite dish to Taco Bell? We don't think so!

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