Doja Cat, Tyga and their never released collab Doja Cat, Tyga and their never released collab

Doja Cat and Tyga have a secret collaboration song we may never hear

Tyga confessed that since he met Doja Cat he worked with her on a song but it was never released, will we ever hear it?

Doja Cat and Tyga are a great duo and their collaborations prove it, but did you know that there is a bonus song that both rappers worked on but never released?

Doja Cat is an extremely talented and popular singer and rapper who has been dominating the music industry for quite some time now. Her songs are widely listened to and this artist has millions of fans all over the world who admire and appreciate her great work in music.

On the other hand, Tyga is an amazing rapper who has been in the music industry for quite some time. We remember his first successes back in 2008 when he began to conquer many fans with his song 'Coconut Juice'. It has been quite a while since then and he has continued to grow in the industry and as an artist.

Doja Cat and Tyga have worked together in the past, both rappers have combined their talents to release tracks that many fans have loved, the first of which appeared on Doja's 'Hot Pink' album, on the song 'Juicy' with the one that worked with Micheal Ray Stevenson.

But did you know that before Juicy there was another Doja Cat and Tyga collaboration that we may never hear about? The rapper recounted how he met Doja and the first song they worked on together.

Doja Cat and Tyga worked together on a song we may never hear

On Capital Xtra, Tyga was interviewed and asked about when he had met Doja Cat, he said it was in 2014 and he immediately knew that she was a very talented artist. At that time they both worked on a song but he assured that they never finished it and that she would never come out. So basically before 'Juicy' there was another secret collaboration between the two rappers that we'll never hear.

Can you imagine what that song would be like? We can think about Doja Cat's 'Old School' songs and how great they have been, maybe they would have that more underground style compared to Juicy. Hopefully one day they decide to finish it and release it at least on SoundCloud.

What is Doja Cat and Tyga's latest collaboration?

It took some time after 'Juicy' for us to hear Doja Cat and Tyga together on one song again, this is 'Freaky Deaky', a super cool track with a lovely MV that premiered in February 2022. So It's like both rappers once worked together and we really want to keep hearing more of the two, together and apart.


Both rappers are just great and we love their music, their styles go great together and turn their collaborations into amazing hits.

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