Discover the way Miley Cyrus likes to spend all her millions

She is one of the richest singers in the industry. Especially if we take into account her young age, the fortune that she managed to amass in these 14 years of career as an actress and singer is surprising. Read on to find out what singer Miley Cyrus spends her millions on.

  • Destiny Hope Cyrus is Miley's birth name but was legally changed by the artist to her nickname Miley (from smiley).
  • The 27-year-old actress and singer has grossed an estimated net worth of $160.
  • Daughter of country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Her godmother is no other than the iconic singer Dolly Parton.


Miley Cyrus has always been in the spotlight. 

Her irreverent style has made her the best candidate for headlines around the world.

 We love talking about her wacky outfits and controversial tastes.

The truth is that this artist is a great animal lover on her sweetest side.

 In her Malibu home she has 13 pets including cats and dogs, a pig and even his favorite, a blow fish.

 In addition to loving these adorable creatures and saving them from a life of neglect into a life of luxury, the Midnight Sky singer is a very charitable soul. 

After the California fires in 2018, where she herself saw her home burned to the ground, Miley and her then-life partner Liam Hemsworth (AKA Thor's brother) donated $ 500K to families affected by the fires.

Miley Cyrus with the Happy Hippie community

 In addition, this specific situation Miley has a charity called Happy Hippie that is responsible for helping and supporting the communities that need it most, such as the LGBTQ collective.

 But since not everything is altruism, the Hannah Montana actress also likes to travel in style.

More precisely ride with style. Mercedes is her favorite car brand and the singer has quite an impressive collection.

She has rare and expensive tastes, she paid $ 200K for a McLaren MP4-12C.

Something that very few can afford.

She spends her money at the supermarket too

 But hey with all those millions it is normal for the singer to unleash her most exotic tastes. 

What would you do with $160 million?

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