Demi Lovato's reaction to fans comments on Commander in Chief Demi Lovato's reaction to fans comments on Commander in Chief

Demi Lovato reacts to fans' comments on Commander in Chief

Demi Lovato's new song Commander in Chief has just been released and has already created a lot of controversy. The 28-year-old singer has been quick to respond to comments from fans about the song's lyrics and its political meaning. Read on to find out what her followers think and what her response was.

  • Commander in Chief is singer Demi Lovato's new song in which she addresses president Donald Trump  and the ways he has carried out his mandate.
  • The video of the song that Demi Lovato wrote to encourage people to vote has not yet been released and it has already aroused all kinds of reactions and comments on social media.
  •  It is not the first time that the Love Me singer has exposed her political leanings, and we already know that Lovato always turns to music for everything that concerns her life. 


Aparently,  the song Commander in Chief has had quite a few negative comments from fans who point out that it could perhaps ruin his career.

To this, the singer responded with a series of stories on her Instagram account saying that she does not feel at all that giving her opinion on an issue could ruin her career.

A screenshot from Demi Lovato's Instagram stories

The 28-year-old singer also took the opportunity to respond the fans who have started calling her Demetria.

Probably because of the stories that her ex-fiancé posted aster she called off their engagement calling her that.

Demi Lovato's response to fans calling her Demetria

The former Camp Rock star sounded a bit annoyed with being called by her birth name saying “don't know where or from  whom you started calling me Demetria, nobody calls me that”

Wow! Demi may be fed up with the whole circus surrounding her split with actor Max Ehrich and may soon be pronouncing about the subject once and for all.

Returning to the topic of her new hit, we believe that the singer has the right to express herself and to use her fame to create social awareness.

The song is very good and so are her intentions. Go, Demi!

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