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Crazy video from Kanye West puts the music industry in jeopardy

The rapper’s twitter has some distinctively entertaining yet serious content. He’s exceptionally active on the social media site especially nowadays that he’s leading his community to claim their rights. Kanye, in his latest tweets took one of his Grammys to the toilet and did something that took twitter by storm. Scroll down to know how the story developed!  


  • Kanye’s twitter rants and feuds are not new to anyone. The rapper previously have had a beef with his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner and countless others as well.
  • The rapper decided to participate in election against president Trump and former vice president Joe Biden but his representatives missed the submission deadline of nomination papers.
  • Kim Kardashian addressed his husband’s bipolar disorder and expressed he’s brilliant but complicated whose words sometimes don’t align with his intentions.

Kanye tweeted a few days ago, encouraging his black community to buy land and claim ownership in US right before presidential elections. He called himself the “new Moses” and in the latest set of tweets, claimed himself as the most famous person.

People have been making memes since the tweets were posted! However, he wants his people to escape slavery as he points towards NBA and the music industry controlling black people. West called them the modern day slave ships. 

He boycotted from releasing new music until he's freed of his contract with Universal and Sony. The father of four went on posting a confidential contract one by one in more than 80 tweets and requested other artists like Bono Paul, Drake and even Taylor Swift to retweet.

Till now Chauncey Alexander Hollis A.K.A. Hit Boy has agreed with Kanye. Hit boy shared his experience with Universal Music and told fans in an Instagram post that his lawyers say it’s probably the “worst publishing contract they have ever seen.”

The memes escalted when he posted a snap with one of his 21 Grammy’s in the toilet while peeing over it. Though thousands of people made fun of the tweet because it was actually really funny and could only be expected from Kanye but it had a serious message of how much the matter concerns him.

Kanye’s stand against the contract traps may put the music industry in jeopardy, but we are hoping the matter solves soon without any harm afflicted upon anyone. 

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