Check the best 5 movies Jennifer Lopez ever acted

Jennifer Lopez has tested herself on many different fields, and she has proven to master all of them! She is even Hollywood's best paid Latina for a reason. Keep reading and find out her best main roles!

  • Alex Rodriguez is engaged to the Hollywood diva.
  • Jennifer Lopez loves acting as well as singing, producing and dancing.
  • Multi faceting JLo can play many roles in many different movies no matter how.

1) Selena

JLo as Selena. Source: Elle

After her first dancing public appearance as a 'Fly girl', JLo got the main part in Selena in 1997. The also-singer was not acting as Selena Quintanilla-Perez, a real-life singer. Ironically, as 'Waiting for tonight' singer herself, the character from the movie had Latin origins and manage to top all the charts!

2) Enough

JLo in Enough. Source: Fanat

 In 2002, Lopez showed us another side, the badass one, in the thriller 'Enough'. A-Rod's fiancée played the part of Slim Hiller, who happened to be a woman who had to escape from her abusive husband. Instead of what women sometimes tend to do, she empowered herself and decided to fight back for her and her child.

3) Shall We Dance

JLo and Richard Gere in Shall we dance. Source: Alamy

 Paulina (Lopez) and John Clark (Richard Gere) co-starred this great movie in 2004. He was a lawyer who had no time for his own things, and Paulina was a new ballroom dance instructor who teaches Clark how to relax while dancing. I'm not going to spoil the ending but you can surely imagine how the hard worker's life changed in time.

4) The Boy Next Door

JLo in 'The boy next door'. Source: Alamy

 Jennifer Lopez kept proving herself on different genres in the big screen, and in 2015's movie she played the part of an adult woman who falls deeply in love with a young boy after getting divorced from her husband. The affair begins and somehow fear appears and stays between the two of them.

5) Second Act

JLo in 'Second act'. Source: Alamy

 In 2018 'Second act' was released. Lopez played Maya's part who is a woman who worked in a supermarket and after not being promoted when she clearly deserved it, tries her luck somewhere else. After being the market girl, she managed to rock New York simply thanks to a resume 'mistake'.

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