Check out what music legend Ebro Darden said about 6ix9ine

Tekashi 6ix9ine has always been a controversial rapper, having arguments with many people in the music business. Keep reading to learn all the details about his 'quarrel' with Ebro Darden!

  • 6ix9ine has been released from prison on 2020, and now he faces gang issues due to becoming a snitch.
  • Ebro Darden is the host of the Hot 97 show together with Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez.
  • Since 2015, Darden hosts a hip hop and radio show on Beats 1, where Tekashi has never been invited to.
Ebro Darden. Source: Complex

Radio personality, Ebro Darden, and rainbow rapper have quite a long argument record. When 'Tutu' singer was released from prison on April 2020, his singing career was super promising; everybody in the music business thought Tekashi was going to be the rapper with the biggest hits. We must remember 'GOOBA' crushed all the records.

Rainbow rapper. Source: Red Bubble

However, that was not the case. When 6ix9ine released 'TattleTales' and failed to be Hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200, very well-known DJ Academics, talked about a 'flop' on his sales. Darden, went a bit further. 45-year-old media businessman has always been very critic about the young rapper. Obviously Tekashi stepped out and accused him of blackballing his yet short music career.

6ix9ine on stage. Source: Billboard

When in June, rainbow and Minaj got to the very top on the Billboard 100 thanks to their song 'Trollz', the controversial rapper dedicated Ebron two Tweets on a row: '#1 ON @billboard YOU CANT STOP ME, YOU CANT BLACKBALL ME. DIDNT I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO RADIOOOOOOOOO (ZERO) @applemusic @spotify @thelarryjackson @carlchery DIDNT GIVE US ANY MAJOR PLAYLISTING on Spotify and Apple.' 'THEY TIRED SO HARD PUSHING SOMEONE ELSES SONG LET THE WORLD KNOW WHAT YA DID !!!! YOU CANT BLACKBALL MEEEEEE IM TO BIG OF A STARRRRRRRRRRRR … OH ANNDDDDDDD ALL THE FANBASES THAT TEAMED UP TO PREVENT THIS NUMBER ONE I SAW THAT TOOOOO.'

Tekashi 69. Source: Rap-up

Darden took some months to see what he could possibly say or write about tattooed rapper and decided to affirm his career was getting to the very end: 'Name an artist that was ‘poppin’ in the last 3yrs that is completely finished…I’ll start. Tekashi 69'. Such an intensity worth following up, so I'll keep you post it. Don't worry,  I really don't believe 6ix9ine's career has already gotten to its very final, we'll just have to wait a bit more and see what he decides to do next. In the meantime, let's watch 'Trollz' YouTube video.

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