Jlo and Alex Rodriguez mansion

The 2 amazing homes where JLO spends most of her time

What if your home is better than a 5-star hotel? Jennifer Lopez grew up in the humble neighborhood of the Bronx in New York. After trying really hard to fit in the Hollywood business, she made it. Millions started to appear after each release or appear on a movie, and affording unimaginable houses became possible. Watch the video below to check them out!

  • JLo is engaged to A-Rod, and they will get married in 2021 where they will be able to celebrate properly.
  • The 'Let's get loud' singer has a net worth of $400 million,
  • Jennifer Lopez slept with her two sisters in the same room in her family home.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged, and they were supposed to get married on 2021, but the world's lockdown made them postpone their wedding day.

JLo and A-Rod enjoying a night out. Source: Getty Images

The whole family; JLo and her twins and A-Rod and her two daughters spent a lot of time together in the couple's houses.

1. Star Island mansion

Star Island mansion. Source: Just Jared

 The couple bought a 14,800-square-foot home on Star Island. The house is in front of the beach, it has a Venetian decoration touch and the floors have a mixture of stone and wood. We all know 'Let's get loud' singer loves fireplaces because it is where the family gathers, so, of course this house has plenty of them.

Living room. Source: Just Jared

It also has an elevator, because, why walking when you can take an elevator to go to the kitchen in the middle of the night to grab some ice-cream? The main house and the guesthouse have a total of 10 bedrooms and 10 and a half bathrooms, we can clearly assume tho house provides the family, although big, space for each other.

Back of the house. Source: Real Homes

The outdoors of the house are just incredibly amazing! The infinity-edge pool is obviously illuminated. They have relaxed in this incredible place for a long time during the lockdown.

2. New York apartment

The huge living room. Source: Verdant Studios

 In 2018, the couple bought an apartment on floor 36th in a very well-known building known as 432 Park Avenue. It is the smallest of the properties they have since it only offers 4,000 square feet. Rod and his wife-to-be paid $15.3 million, not because of the space, but because of the place where the building is located. They have a private lift that takes them to the three-bedroom flat.

The master suite. Source: Today

The entrance is fully black and the living room has black curtains only. The kitchen is quite big given the dimensions of the apartment and that is clearly because the singer loves cooking and being there with the whole family preparing something all together. I would have loved to spend the lockdown on either of both incredible houses. Thank you JLo for sharing your photos with us!

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