Check out the incredible shoes designed by Jennifer Lopez

JLo' day has to have more hours than the one we have. Hollywood Latina seems to have time to do plenty of things, and she never stops. Keep reading and see her new shoe collection in collaboration with  DSW shoe brand!

  • The woman who was raised in the Bronx is a mother-of-two: Emme and Max.
  • 51-year-old JLo performed in 2020 half time of the Super Bowl.
  • Designing shoes is not for everybody, but Latina has decided to give it a try together with DSW!


JLO by JLo. Source: Page Six

 The Hollywood diva is a singer, an actress, perfumer, fashion designer, music producer, businesswoman, mother, wife-to-be and now we should add to her already long list of aptitudes, shoe designer. Of course, JLo has the world at her feet and works like only a few do.

'Waiting for tonight' singer could have stopped working a few years ago since we have to bear in mind her net worth is higher than $400 million, just imagine! 'Jenny from the block' works because she simply loves it! She has no limits. The girl from the Bronx does whatever she wants and there is no stop as to what she can or can't do.

Shoes on their way!

JLo wearing her designed shoes. Source: Daily Mail

We shall thank her for that since lately, she has collaborated with a very well-known shoe brand, DSW, to design shoes. Although many designers look for her because of her name and what having her on the photos entail, Jennifer Lopez really knows what to wear when talking about shoes, and she did it perfectly.


Jennifer Lopez wearing DSW shoes. Source: US Magazine

 Lately, JLo has posted some photos on her official Instagram account where we can see many of her pair of shoes. If you are looking for the best thing to wear on your feet please check her DSW collection 'JLOJenniferLopez' and you will surely find what you are looking for!

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