Cardi and Offset at a party

Check out the exclusive island Cardi B and Offset booked for their romantic getaway

The lovely duo is addicted to spending every second with each other! This time Offset treated Cardi B to a vacation on a tropical island in Mexico for Valentine's Day. Isn't that amazing? The 'Up' star shared a lovely message thanking her husband for the trip on Instagram. What did she have to say about the surprise vacation? Read below to find out!

  • Cardi B and Offset got married in September 2017 after the release of their collaboration titled 'Lick'.
  • Offset booked a private villa on an exotic tropical island in Mexico for Cardi and Kulture to enjoy. 
  • The 'WAP' rapper posted pictures of her family vacation to an audience of 82.8 million followers on Instagram.
Cardi and Offset on the beach

A Valentine getaway was Offset's plan, he made sure it was the perfect vacation for his family! The 'Migos' rapper wanted his wife to relax and enjoy her life. The couple held hands on the tropical beach located in Mexico and enjoyed luxurious facilities at a private villa. 

For Valentine's Day, Offset had decorated the house with lavish flowers and chocolates! Read more about it here. Isn’t he simply perfect?

Cardi enjoying on the island

'You're right, sometimes I gotta slow down and live a little.' The 28-year-old posted on her Instagram. 

With her latest release 'Up' and the pressure of it being as successful as her last hit called 'WAP', Cardi was tensed! The rapper shared that being famous is not about the music only, it's a business too. She expressed how thankful she was for having Offset plan this trip!

Aww, hopefully, the beautiful vacation with her husband helped her relieve some stress.

Cardi and Offset on a tropical island

A change of atmosphere was admired by the ‘Bodak Yellow’ star. Her message to Offset on Instagram made a lot of people admire their relationship. Click here to read the full post. It’s nice to see the couple have fun with their cute 2-year-old named ‘Kulture’.

I’m sure they enjoyed the beach and private pools! Aren’t they the sweetest duo?


Cardi and Offset walking along the beach

It’s important to keep a healthy work-life balance. While Cardi seems to have released hits and take care of her family, it’s no surprise she’s exhausted. It’s sweet that Offset’s little romantic getaway to an island with an amazing beach and food cheered her up!

Would you choose the place as a vacation spot too? Comment below!

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