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Check out our 5 most viewed videos on YouTube in 2020

When Yaay started, our aim was to keep you guys updated every minute possible. Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, we are connected with our audience everywhere. To expand our horizons, we decided to launch our YouTube channel on June this year. It felt a great way to connect with you guys and who doesn’t love visual stories after all?  By the end of 2020, while analyzing our most viewed videos so far, we were surprised to see the diversity in the choice of our audience. To find our best videos of the year, scroll below!

  • Yaay has a YouTube family as strong as 21K subscribers that are going up with each passing day. 
  • Initially we covered multiple topics however right now music is our major focus. We will continue to cover the entertainment industry in the coming months and will come up with spicy articles about your favorite artists. 
  • Our aim at Yaay is to provide authentic news to our audience and that’s why we have regular and returning visitors on the website. Because they trust Yaay. 
  • Due to our keen staff and their attentiveness to the ongoing matters, we have proudly been one of the first media outlets to break big news many times, before anyone else.


5. Top 3 reason why Jisoo makes the best leader in Blackpink

As much as people loved reading about Lisa, they loved Jisoo too. We were overwhelmed by the response on K-Pop singers’ news that we covered throughout this time. The views on this video were pretty close to Manoban’s video. With 465K views, this remains our fifth best video of 2020. 48K people loved what they watched and left a thumbs up for us. Your appreciation is what keeps us going. 

4. Lisa Manoban from Blackpink: the next American star?

The K-Pop sensation turned out to be as famous in America as she is in her homeland. The video garnered 477K views and a thousand appreciative comments. Fans came forward to praise their favorite K-Pop girl. She is a star in making but a lot of fans also suggested that she is already a worldwide sensation. 

3. Foods you can eat without gaining weight

Remember when I said in the beginning that our audience has a diverse choice. They are watching Helen Mirren’s sexuality and weight loss at the same time. Jokes apart, health and fitness is something we have all been searching on the internet for this past year including myself since there has been the least activity and more intake of food due to the lockdown. I can feel these 565k viewers and what would have been going on in their minds. However, we are glad to help you in any way possible even if it's informing you about how you can stay healthy. Just a kind reminder that we are all beautiful in our own bodies and our own unique shapes!

2. Helen Mirren opens up about her love life

1 million views! Yes, people enjoyed watching it just as much as we enjoyed creating it. The actress’ interesting love life compelled people to click on that link and also hear her opinion about her sexuality. Well, we really had fun in the comments as we interacted with people who thought being married four times is not something to be praised for while we were just trying to raise the fact that she has struggled a lot in her marital life. However, we loved hearing your opinions and would love to interact more with you guys in the coming days!

1. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s reunion 

One thing we all know at Yaay is that our audience loves happy news. This specific video was the most viewed one on our channel with 1.6 million views in just six months. That’s a biggie for a new website like ours. It shows the relationship of trust we have with our readers and listeners. Not just that, 600 of our lovely followers also left a comment on the 30 seconds long news video. 


Yaay Today gladly covers every topic for our audience

We are utterly glad to provide our services and equally thankful to everyone who keeps supporting us on this journey. We plan to stay connected with our audience for as long as we live and aim to provide every big news at the earliest. All we need in return is your support and appreciation to achieve our next big goals. 

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