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Check out Post Malone's shocking 77 tattoos!

The 25-year-old rapper has always been super fond of painting his skin. He even had the same ink artist as Justin Bieber! Check below his most important ones and their special meaning! 

  • Post Malone has tattooed himself since 2016.
  • The songwriter believes he is not handsome enough, so he has to decorate his body.
  • A Playboy bunny was his first tattoo ever. 
Post Malone performs on Day 1 of Wireless Festival 2018 at Finsbury Park on July 6,th 2018 in London, England.  Source: Getty Images

The 'Circles' singer was tattoo-free before his first release 'White Iverson' in 2015. The artist has more than 77 tattoos all over his body and more than 14 are just on his face. His body-art ink collection is one of the most expensive ones in the music industry. The ingenious and funny artist has once said

 'I feel like the face tattoos make me interesting to look at, so where I might lack in handsomeness, I make up for in intrigue at least'

His first tattoo was the Playboy bunny. He got it in 2016 when recording his first studio album 'Stoney'. After having the tattoo done, he went to play basketball with Justin Bieber. Guess what? While playing, the 'Monster' singer grabbed Malone by the arm and cracked it! The tattoo is now full of cracks. The rapper never fixed it because of the meaning it entails. How many people have played basketball with Justin, right?

Playboy Bunny tattoo. Source: Getty Images

John F. Kennedy, the 35th United States President is portrayed on his left hand. Post Malone has been super clear about his ideals. He believes Kennedy to be the only American President to ever unmask the Government corruptions. As for the rapper, John is 'the real one'.

John F. Kennedy. Source: Buzz Feed

When an artist reaches the very top, their tattoos are made by Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena. The body-art designer wrote NEVERMIND on the 25-year-old singer's right palm. That's surely not it! Of course, the other palm needed to be inked as well. The tattoo artist decided to write WHATEVER on his left palm! Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner go to Valena's studio too.

'Nevermind' tattoo. Source: Insider

On his first album, 'Stoney', he wanted to make something different. The young rapper wanted to be tattooed while recording his song 'Patient' music video. It was a terrible experience according to our source because the ink hurt a lot, and he couldn't reveal because it was for his own music video! Apart from that, the video never appeared. The song was released, but the video was never showed because the record company decided to try another song instead, 'Stoney'.

Patient tattoo

The long list continues. Bieber's friend has a gun on his upper knee. The 25-year-old singer is a true advocate of the Second Amendment. He believes in gun-holding. The 'Circles' singer has a collection of them back at home. Austin has even revealed he feels great when firing a gun. That's the reason why he needed one tattooed right on his body. He revealed to Rolling Stone

'I love shooting. The feeling is pure inebriation. It’s like hitting a punching bag to let off steam'.

The one which hurt the most? Easy! When tattooing the Cartier Love ink, he confessed

'This was the most painful of all the tattoos, I felt like as if I’m tattooing my soul'

The star has ink all over his body (face included), so, if you are thinking about a finger, or almost nail tattoo, think about it twice! It surely hurts! Malone told you, not me! 

Cartier Love tattoo. Source: Getty Images

You won't believe it, but the young rapper is a Kagome Higurashi from the Japanese series 'Inuyasha' fan. The star doesn't have a lot of color ink on his body, however, this is one of them! Malone got the tattoo in 2017.

Color ink. Source: Insider

All in all, Post Malone loves to decorate his body. He claimed he was not a handsome guy, so he really needed to call attention some other way. How to? Decorating his body seems to have been the solution he found. The singer has some (just a few) blank spaces on his body. Surely he will fill every single part of it. Just think about it. 25-year-old singer had 77 tattoos in 5 years. If we give Malone just probably 2 more years, he will have to star thinking about becoming bald and tattooing his head.

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