Jennifer Lopez seen filming on location for 'Marry Me' at the Manhattan Center on October 22, 2019 in New York City.

Check out Jennifer Lopez' new Christmas song!

The LA singer and vocal coach, Stevie Mackey, has finally released his first album and has asked many stars to take part in it! Of course JLo is one of the most important ones! Curious to know more about the song? Check everything you need to know below! 

  • The vocal coach has worked helping many artist finding their correct way of singing not to hurt themselves while performing.
  • Mackey has released his first 'Christmas album' with the help of many starts, such as JLo.
  • Jennifer Lopez has been super clear stating she loves her personal coach more than anything and was very pleased to help him.


Stevie Mackey and Jennifer Lopez singing 'Ain't mountain high enough'. Source: Pop Sugar

Stevie Mackey was very well known thanks to his participation in 'Love & Hip Hop, Chasing Destiny'. The show made him become a TV personality as well as a vocal coach. The trainer delivers sessions where he assures people can turn into a professional singer in just 30 days in his 'Stevie Mackey Teaches'! He is good! Superb actually. Many stars use his knowledge to improve their vocal capacity when contour, and before recording new albums because of the vocal stress that generates. JLo and Stevie became friends actually after so much work together! 

JLo and Stevie

JLo and Mackey own November 7th, 2020. Source: People

Apart from being the Hollywood's best paid Latina personal vocal coach, Mackey is a true friend of the megastar. She specially asked him to go with her on her tour 'It’s My Party Tour' in 2019. The 51-yesar-old star felt she was going to need him, and everything he knows of course.  Christmas is coming! Both artists are super enthusiasts about Christmastime! They are just really sweet because when you finally get to see them singing the song for this special time of the year, you really feel, first, their special and true connection, and then, their love towards Nativity.


JLo, Stevie and JLo's daughter, Emme on tour

 This year we are all going to need a bit of a doze of this kind of songs. It's been a different year, but just to listen to them play and sing makes you feel as if you were a kid enjoying Christmas and maybe, even believing in Santa once again! Thank you both! Check the YouTube video below and wear a Christmas hat if you have! (If you don't it's high time you go and buy one!) Also, don't forget to post your comments below!

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