Check out Billie Eilish' sweetest unpublished picture!

The 'Therefore I am' singer has always been as gorgeous as she is now. Despite her swaggy style and her rebel manners, Billie has the sweetest face since she was born. This week this artist re-shared a picture when she was little on her Instagram account. Scroll down to meet the most adorable girl in the world!

  • Billie was born on December 18, 2001 in Los Angeles. 
  • Her mother is the actress Maggie Baird and her father is the musician Patrick O'Connell.
  • This 18-year-old artist reposted a picture on her Instagram that confirms she is probably the sweetest savage girl we know. 

Who posted the picture first

Hayley Williams. Source: Getty Images

The Paramore vocalist, Hayley Williams, shared on her Instagram story a unique and priceless picture of Billie when she was just a tiny dot in the world. 

Billie Eilish

"This photo of tiny Billie Eilish lives rent-free in my heart," wrote the Misery Business singer. We doubtless imagine why!

The picture

Billie Eilish's Instagram Story. Source: Instagram

In the shot, we see little Eilish squatting while wearing a white outfit with prints and her hair savagely tousled. We are trying to discover it yet, but she seems to be angry or tired because of something on the photo.

Billie's repost

Singer Billie Eilish

The 'Bad Guy' interpreter re-shared the image on her Instagram story adding some emojis with an emotional reaction.

Conclusions about it

Little Billie Eilish

Hayley expressed many times her admiration for Billie, and she even reacted against the haters when they tried to hurt Eilish too. 

Little Billie Eilish

We love when friends share with each other some pictures of their childhoods, it's funny to see the mini versions of the ones you love. Do you have many pictures like this? Don't miss this little Billie's memories: 

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