Cardi B's single love life: "my Instagram DMs are flooded"

No surprises that after the world found out that the famous New Yorker singer Cardi B asked for the divorce of rapper Offset, several proposals would start coming right away. The WAP star confirmed that she is super happy, being a single mom to her daughter Kulture and that she received many interesting options from men to date. Find out more below!

  • The 27-year-old opened an OnlyFans account, where she is selling behind the scenes video clips.
  • In an interview with the platform, she stated that several male celebrities approached her to date. 
  • 5′ 3″, $25 million net worth and more than 75 million followers. What else can you ask?
Cardi B is going to be busy as a single gorgeous woman!

Like every other person in this world, Cardi wants to focus on her established music career, spend time with her family and friends and relax.

3 years went by after she filed for divorce among infidelity claims and now it's time to be calm "I decided I wanted to leave".

We know Cardi, and she likes to have fun. So like the saying goes: after the calm, the storm is coming. We can't wait to see the Latin singer showing her incredible flirting skills and follow her love life. Already guessing who she could date?

Cardi and Offset...good old times!

We are thinking in someone from the music industry, who just got out of jail, and people call Tekashi. Do you know him? Despite him being with a girlfriend right now, rumors say they had a lot of chemistry while shooting the music video for the song Gummo:

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