Cardi B signs millionaire deal with Reebok clothing brand Cardi B signs millionaire deal with Reebok clothing brand

Cardi B signs millionaire deal with Reebok clothing brand

Cardi doesn't stop. After celebrating her 28th birthday in Las Vegas with ex-husband Offset and friends like Megan Thee Stallion, the singer announced an incredible collaboration with the clothing brand with the hashtag #ReebokxCardiB where they will launch a limited edition of footwear collection. Watch more of the campaign below. 

Reebok's marketing department launched the campaign on the diva's birthday, where her name was trending around the world.
They will launch two types of shoes, one for women and one for toddlers with the price of $100 and $50 respectively. 
Cardi's Instagram post got almost 4 million likes in 12 hours. 

Can someone please give an award to the Marketing department? Reebok, the American footwear company from Boston was founded in 1895 by Joe and Jeff Foster. Since then, they expanded their business and sold it to the giant German, Adidas.

Cardi with a Reebok outfit

Apart from sponsoring the  Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), CrossFit, and Spartan Race, they managed to create incredible campaigns like this one.

When everybody was talking about the birthday party of Cardi B in Las Vegas, Reebok got in and managed to steal the attention with their ultimate kicks.

The shoes offered by the clothing brand

The amount of money the star made out of this deal is disclosed, but professionals like Gonzalo Wynter, an influencer Marketing expert estimates at least $2 million.

The colors, the video and the campaign were just amazing, with the perfect timing and is riding the wave of the hype the fans have with the artist.

Cardi, on her side, gets to recover everything she splashed over the weekend in Las Vegas. It-s a win-win!

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