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Cardi B shows her 'country' side in the show 'Cardi Tries'

The 'WAP' star has put her traditional cowboy hat and boots on. In the new episode of her reality show, she's milking cows. This ‘Cardi Tries’ series shows her playing with sheep and training horses! Cardi's biggest wish is to convince her husband Offset to buy a farm. Will she really be able to adjust to the rural lifestyle? Read below to find out!   

  •  Her favorite farm animals are pigs and cows. She loves feeding them!
  •  The 28-year-old revealed she would like to build a farm at her home in Atlanta.
  • 'Cardi Tries' is a reality show where the rapper tries out different professions. New episodes air every Thursday on YouTube.
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'I really want to have a farm, but Offset says he ain't with it.' The rapper opened up.

The episode aired on February 11, 2021, it shows the world-famous star in a new setting. Are you excited to join her on the journey of farming? From feeding pigs to milking cows, she's ready to do it all. The guest star for this episode was a well-known country singer 'Mickey Guyton'.

Cardi B posing in her home

Always ready for the occasion, she wore a stylish brown leather jacket with frills and a matching cowboy hat. Wow, she seems really committed to her farmer role! The star toured the Southern California ranch and spent time with horses. Click here to watch the episode!

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‘They’re adorable but so stinky and aggressive, they’ll run over my daughter!’ Cardi warned her partner on-site about pigs.

The ‘Up’ star thought the pigs were lovely to play with. However, she was extremely disgusted to find out pig food was made up of human food leftovers! Ew, who would want to touch that? Even an animal lover like Cardi felt icky putting up with pig feed! 


Cardi B shooting a music video

It’s nice to see Cardi explore and enjoy activities different from her celebrity life. This show allows fans to get to know the star and her feelings better. In previous episodes, she has taken the roles of being a teacher, a gamer, and now a farmer. What profession would you like to see her go for next? Comment below!

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