Who's Cardi B's BTS bias? Who's Cardi B's BTS bias?

Cardi B reveals who her BTS bias is, he stole the rapper's heart

Who is Cardi B's BTS bias? The rapper has confessed which one of the group's idols captivated her

No one can resist the charms of the BTS members, and even Cardi B has her boy band bias, who is it? We're sure she's not the only one drooling over this idol.

Cardi B is a great female rapper who has taken over much of the industry for some time now. Her distinctive voice and great rhymes have had a great impact and millions of fans around the world show her love and support at all times. She is a super popular star, that is clear to us.

On the other hand we have BTS, which is probably the most popular K-Pop group in the whole world. The members of this group are really talented, charismatic, dedicated and their music has conquered millions of hearts around the world. ARMY is his great and faithful fandom that extends throughout the planet.

And we cannot forget the visuals of the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan, they are really handsome and all their characteristics have made everyone fall in love. There really are a lot of fans who have chosen one of the BTS idols as their ultimate bias.

And what does this have to do with Cardi B? Well, the rapper confessed who in her BTS bias and we totally agree, we understand you Cardi, we love him too.

Jimin is Cardi B's BTS bias, this is how the rapper confessed it

Jimin is Cardi B's bias, the rapper did a question and answer session on Twitter and a fan asked him 'Who is your bias (favorite member) of BTS?' And she simply replied with a picture of Bangtan dancer Sonyeondan. OMG sure we get you Cardi he is really wonderful.

Jimin is Cardi B's BTS bias | Twitter: @iamcardib

So now we know that Cardi B is Jimin biased, that's great, if maybe a little unexpected. Do you think this bias is going well for the rapper?

Cardi B had previously revealed that her daughter is an ARMY 

BTS has not only stolen Cardi B's heart, it probably first stole that of the rapper's daughter because she once confessed that her little girl is ARMY. Cardi's daughter always asked her to play Bangtan Sonyeondan songs for her, awww! Now, who will be Cardi's baby bias?

Cardi B's baby is an ARMY | Twitter: @AndyVermaut

Well, we hope that Cardi and her daughter continue to enjoy BTS' music and also how handsome the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan are. 

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