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Revealed: Why Cardi B feels nervous around other celebrities!

Have you ever realized what you are in life? Cardi certainly not! The 'Bodak Yellow' star opened up to Mariah Carey during an interview about how nervous she feels around other A-list celebrities Why does Cardi feel that way? Read below to find out! 

  • Cardi B debuted as a rapper with a single called 'Bodak Yellow' on June 25th, 2017.
  • In 2018, the 'Up' sensation had a fight with the female rapper Nicki Minaj!
  • She is the only female rapper to receive a Grammy Award for her album 'Invasion of Privacy' in 2019.

'My head starts telling me that I look stupid or that I'm dumb',

The rapper was happy that her interview with Mariah Carey for Interview Magazine's was over the phone! She stated that sometimes she gets so nervous she can't even make eye contact with famous people properly. It's all in her head! 

Wow, who knew someone as bold as her could even feel nervous?

Cardi B at Paris Fashion Week

Yes, it's true! Cardi B gets starstruck by her favorite celebrities. The Grammy Award winner opened up about how she feels extremely shy when she meets new people.

Cardi B walking in LA

The 28-year-old rapper revealed she doesn't want to get close to people that may disappoint her in the future! 

Do you think she has trust issues?

Cardi on a talk show

Thankfully, Mariah Carey reassured the 'I Like It' rapper that feeling this way is common when you're a star. No matter how famous you are, everyone still has insecurities. I feel like Cardi shouldn't be so hard on herself. You would be nervous too if you were going to a party full of big celebrities!


Cardi B winning an award

Cardi should surround herself with people who encourage and reassure her in difficult times. I'm sure people feel nervous around her too, she's a Grammy Award-winning sensation! I feel like she still needs time to process how famous she is. Do you agree? Comment below!


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