Cardi B outraged after racism against her bag collection

Cardi B outraged after racism against her bag collection

It's well known that the diva is one of those people who aren't taking everything for granted and someone who always speaks her mind. What do most of the celebrities do? Ignore the haters or directly blocking comments. Cardi is unique, and she gave racist fans an important life lesson via video. Watch it below. 

  • The "WAP" rapper has over 20 hand bags from the luxury brand Hermès (Birkin) and many other expensive purchases. 
  • Most of them were gifts from her husband, the "Migos" rapper Offset, who also purchased a $330.000 Rolls-Royce SUV for her 29th birthday. 
  • One of them was from her super close friend Kylie Jenner.
  • Bags range from $50.000 the model baby (she bought one for her daughter Kulture) to $180.000
Cardi and her handbag collection

Haters are everywhere. Most of them are go unnoticed in the tide of positive comments from Cardi's fans, who support and value her for who she is. However, the star doesn't take criticism lightly, especially when it's based on ignorance and racism. After some comments appeared on Twitter saying that the purses were losing value because black rappers were using them, Cardi gave a life lesson.

First, she wondered why they talked only about black celebrities and not white.

Secondly, the singer let them know that when rappers post or show products, they value due to the exposition to millions of followers.

She gave a clear example of the song "Bodak Yellow" about Christian Louboutin shoes, famous for their red soles and how their sales increased.

Cardi wearing the famous high heels. Source: Getty

Apart from teaching that lesson to haters, the most important message to his followers was about how they don't have to have those hand bags if they can't afford it: "Nowadays with brands like Zara and H&M you guys can look incredible at a low price". Asked also to her fans to not believe everything they see on the Internet. Cardi, a teacher and expert not only in music, but in life. Watch the full video below:

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