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Cardi B opens up about her inspiring songwriting journey!

Are songs more meaningful when the artist writes the lyrics themselves? Cardi B thinks that's true! The 'WAP' rapper has made her mark in the music industry as a Grammy Award winner. What did she have to say about writing her own music? Read below to find out.

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Music is a universal language that brings people together. It is important for an artist to write and compose their music. Cardi B's debut 'Bodak Yellow' charted number one on Billboard's Hot 100 list. The song is known for its cool lyrics and funky beat. It's always a good time jamming to her songs, isn't it? After all, they are party songs!

However, fans wondered if she wrote the lyrics for it herself. How did she respond?

Cardi at an award party

'I wrote plenty of songs on my album, especially my mixtape', The 28-year-old said in an interview for Elle.

The 'I Like It' rapper elaborated that she had external help from a couple of songwriters too. Mostly, her lyrics reflect her carefree and daring personality. In 2019, Cardi was added to the list of Billboard's Top 100 Songwriters.

Wow! She's really cool, don't you think?

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The track 'Press', released in 2019, has lyrics that talk about Cardi's fight with her childhood best friend! It is common for musicians to write songs about their past relations. The world-famous star is very open with her struggles. It's only natural for the struggles to make it into your songwriting too. After all, it's a part of her conscience!

Growing up with a tough childhood and making it big in the entertainment industry is not easy. Don't you agree?


Cardi B for Vogue

It's clear that Cardi B is one of the few rappers who are truly passionate about music. She has rightfully earned the recognition that she deserves in the industry and will continue to do so. What are your favorite lyrics from a song by her? Comment below!

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