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Cardi B mocks Republicans for their criticism of her song WAP

The fashion diva, Cardi B, is not only protective of her daughter Kulture but also of her music! Since the release of her hit song WAP on August 7th 2020, the 28-year-old has faced a lot of criticism for her adult song with Mega Thee Stallion. And now, she is making it clear that she will fight anyone who will criticize her work! If you want to know what exactly happened, continue reading to find out!

  • Cardi B is an American rapper and songwriter 
  • She is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram with a fan following of more than 82 million!
  • The $24 million worth rapper married Offset in 2017 and has a daughter with him named Kulture 
  • 2020 was a rollercoaster ride for Cardi as she received both praise and criticism on her song WAP


Cardi B 

Cardi B proved this with her hit song WAP which was released in August 2020 that she can accomplish anything she wants. The collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, got over 26 million views in just 24 hours of release! 

Cardi B with daughter 

However, despite all this success, the song has faced serious criticism due to its graphic nature! In fact, Cardi does not let her own daughter listen to WAP, saying that it is an adult song and as a parent, she has a responsibility towards her daughter. Nevertheless, this does not mean that Cardi will sit back and let people criticize her work. 

Cardi B with husband Offset

In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, the rapper claimed that most of the criticism of her song comes from Republicans! She pointed out that it was not the elected officials who opposed the song but rather social media influencers who have a ‘right-leaning’ following. Cardi explained that the song comes off as vulgar to religious and conservative people but not to her. She grew up listening to such songs and for her, these are pretty normal! 


Well, everyone has their own opinion on art. WAP is definitely a song that will not fit right with everyone and criticism can be expected to continue flooding in. However, Cardi has indicated that she will openly defend her song and reply to all the haters! What do you think about WAP?

Listen to WAP here:

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