Singer Cardi B is on fire for Halloween: millionaire and single!

Cardi B is on fire for Halloween: millionaire and single!

"Single, bad and rich". With that caption the 27-year-old singer published a photo wearing a revealing and sensual devil costume. Let's face it, Cardi might have the most honest Instagram feed we've ever seen on a celebrity. After her divorce with the rapper Offset, she is more spicy than ever before! Watch the pictures below!

  • Low quality videos, pictures of herself watching TV and talking about the real stuff make her social media one of the most popular in the world.
  • With over 76 million followers, she can post videos that range from a guy dancing a Latin song, to a photo of a bus stop, the rapper doesn't stop surprising the fans.
  • Her latest revealing photos received 6.4 million and 4 million likes each.

Cardi is showing a new side of herself that we haven't seen before, and fans love it (so do we!).

Some of the comments  in the picture

Posting two pictures being the devil and an angel, the both reflected her incredible curves and beautiful style. Many thought of the singer as a dominatrix, wearing leather and writing "I do the controlling".

Many even responded funny comments like "I know ya dm’s on 10 right now" and others alleging Illuminati references, which the artist later denied.

Cardi denying any theories: "Verificado Stop with the Illuminati shit ....It was just costumes for a tiktok video DAMN!"

Whatever she does, the "B" Queen generates controversy and people start talking about her. She is an incredible marketeer and her catchy songs are pushing her towards the entertainment glory.

We can't go without stopping and wonder if her style would have been successful 20 years ago, when the most acclaimed artists like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were the "good girls".

It doesn't matter anymore because in 2020, Cardi B seems to have got the formula right. 

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