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Cardi B is going deep into acting in 2021

Cardi is a talented artist and there is no denying it. She already had an incredible year. So, what can we expect for 2021? Her performance in the movie 'Hustler' in 2019 got her great reviews and in December 2020 she released her hilarious TV show 'Cardi Tries'. Now we can't wait for her upcoming appearance in the great action movie franchise 'Fast & Furious 9' next to the incredible Vin Diesel. Check out her acting history and role in the next film.

  • Fast & Furious is a series of action movies first released in 2001.
  • The franchise centers its plot on illegal streetcar racing, spies and heists.
  • Cardi B announced on October 2020 next to Vin Diesel her appearance on a role in the next Fast & Furious 9 set to be released on May 2021.
  • Cardi made her debut in the movie Hustlers released in 2019. The movie made $157.6 million worldwide.


Cardi B at the screening of the movie 'Hustlers'. Source: Getty Images.

Cardi B's acting debut was in 2019 with the movie Hustlers. The movie was inspired by a New York Magazine article about New York strippers that stole from their wealthy clients in the early 2000s. The rapper plays a stripper in a role that she knows a lot about. Back when she was 19 years-old she started dancing to make ends meat. Obviously the reason why director and writer Lorene Scafaria immediately thought Cardi as part of the cast when interviewed

“How can you write a movie about strippers and not put Cardi B in it?”


Cardi makes her debut in a movie next to some very important names like Lizzo, Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu and Keke Palmer.



Fast & Furious 9


Cardi B and Vin Diesel in the UK. Source: Daily Mail UK:

In this installment Cardi B plays as Leysa who has a connection to Dominic Torretto played by Vin Diesel. We don't know what is her connection exactly, but we can't wait to find out. Will we see Cardi racing a car, or chasing spies? Who knows! Cardi had to travel to the UK to film her part in this film and Vin Diesel shared a very funny post celebrating their wrap up and upcoming release date. The rapper was noticeably tired and repeated the expression "I need to take a nappy nap." Check out the post next.

Acting career?


Cardi B on stage. Source: Getty Images.

Cardi has many ventures and accomplishments under her belt. She is a Grammy winner and chart topping rapper. This comment on her acting skills by film director Scafaria I think sums it up,


“She’s an incredibly gifted and talented person who came from a lot. What she’s made of herself is an inspiration'

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