Cardi B gets emotional over her sneaker collection selling out

Cardi B could not contain her excitement when she found out that her collection of sneakers in collaboration with the sports brand Reebok is already sold out! Apparently, she has received countless comments about it and decided to leave a message on her Instagram account. Read on to find out more.  

  • Belcalis Almanzar better known as Cardi B, thanks to her younger sister who called her Bacardi. Thus, the diminutive Cardi and the B? May be just beautiful!
  • In 2019 the 28-year-old rapper decided to create a line of women's footwear for the famous sports brand Reebok.
  • The Cardi B Club C line has a cost of $100 and comes in white, black, and red. Only female and child sizes.
Cardi B and her Reebok collection.

28-year-old rapper Cardi B took to her social media to leave a message for all her fans.

Amid “tears” she thanked everyone for having sold out her new shoe collection with Reebok so quickly.

How quickly? Ehhh, in a few hours.

The new collection of the sports brand Reebok designed by the famous singer went on sale on November 13 and within a few hours, it was already sold out in all stores.

Cardi is the sneaker's goddess.

Well, not all. According to Belcalis, in Foot Locker, there are still a few pairs so if you are thinking of buying some, then hurry up!.

The Cardi B Club C and Cardi Coated Club C Double price range is $80 and $100 respectively.

Reebok's Cardi B line.

So they are within reach of all pockets, or most.

We are very happy that the artist's collection has been so well accepted.

I already have mine and you?

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