The two famous and the most loved rappers, Jennie and Cardi.

Cardi B crowned Jennie Kim as the beauty queen of Blackpink!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! Cardi B tweeted that Jennie is the prettiest girl among all the Blackpink members. The South Korean singer has always served her fans with incredible beauty looks, and now it is also confirmed by the famous American rapper, Cardi B. Jennie Kim was also crowned as Asia’s most beautiful woman of 2020. Read below to find out more!

  • Fans think that Jennie is the most attractive singer among all the Blackpink members.
  • The talented superstar fits the K-beauty standards perfectly.
  • Other than a singer, she is known as a natural-born beauty of Korea.
The tweet of Jennie's fan.

We all know that Jennie is a drop-dead gorgeous singer, but sometimes her incredible looks are unmatchable. Our K-pop queen is famous for her unique Korean features which are loved by some of the popular US artists.

One of them is Cardi B, who has become a big fan of the South Korean goddess since last year. The explicit queen has also paired up with them for the superhit song, ‘Bet You Wanna’. Apart from their collaboration, they both met in 2019 as they sat side by side at the Chanel fashion show.

The two famous rappers, Jennie and Cardi B.

Then on February, 6th Cardi B crowned Jennie as the cutest girl of Blackpink. It all began when a crazy fan of Jennie fawned over her on Twitter. The stunning diva’s fan posted a collage of her most amazing pictures and captioned it

‘Jennie has the cutest and the most beautiful smile ever. Jennie forever and always’.

But do you know what left everybody in shock? The chart-topping rapper Cardi gave a personal response to Jennie’s fan tweet and replied under her pictures and said that

‘Even  more cuter in person.’

 I personally think that Cardi has admired her beautiful looks very well as she has also met Jennie in person. Do you think that she is really as beautiful as Cardi B says? Let us know in the comments below

Watch their song, 'Bet You Wanna' once again below:

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